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A collection of 12 handpicked Alexipharmic tracks from 5 albums - from Run to present. Also includes a Bodi bonus track, "Simpleman."

As of 3.1.11, I changed my name to Bodi after 10 years of writing as Alexipharmic. Hope you'll stick with me over at bodi.bandcamp.com


released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Alexipharmic Fort Collins, Colorado

Alexipharmic no longer exists. He makes music under the name Bodi. But here's his old bio:

Born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, before moving to Los Angeles, Alexipharmic immersed himself in the world of hip hop via YO! MTV Raps and cassettes of 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie, before picking up the pen at 13 and working to forge his own path. That journey has led him around the US multiple times.
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Track Name: Love
Lost in a haze of sunshine and rainbows
Clear blue skies in the arms of this angel
I thought love was a myth found in fantasy
And since I had no armor that no princess would dance with me
But well, well, what little I knew
And every cliché I ever heard was true
See I grew up a cynic thinking that love would pass me over
The weight on my shoulders gone the instant that I held your
Hand inside mine, if I died I’d go smilin
I’ll be god damned, I’m no longer an island
The only place I’m hidin’s down below your equator
The tropic of this Capricorn, hell I live to make your
Legs buckle and shake no matter what it takes
The song that you make’s beautiful when not fake
You saved this troubadour from checkin out of the show
And made me feel like a person, just thought you should know
That when I looked into your eyes I could see the sunrise
Every doubt I’ve ever had moved aside and died
Life gets a new purpose when someone else believes
In the dreams I pursued, no one saw but me
Seems heaven and enlightenment merged together
Proved forever, whatever the weather
I’d never worry anymore cause that’s what love do
Some dudes won’t say it, you should know that I loved you

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
But fuck that. Distance makes lies and disguises start to foster
Distance makes the eyes of young minds wander
Whatever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger
I gotta know – was he more man than me?
Did he love as good as me? I find that hard to believe
I’ll knock him out flat if that’s what you need
To see you missed out on a king soon to be
Now a spade is a spade and a bitch is a bitch
And who you think will save in the end digs your ditch
I must admit Cupid must be a Sadist
Cause that son of an Anne Coulter must have made this
Whole thing a game, we’re all meant to lose
His arrows hurt a lot worse when they’re removed
I opened up too much, maybe that’s the problem
Lost loves are like assholes, we’ve all got one
God must’ve run plum out of ideas
He decided to bring you up from Hell to a fetus
I don’t really mean this, or maybe I do
Nah, I don’t cause I don’t got a thing to prove to you
Who the hell you think you are leavin scars on this makeshift
Shadow of a man – you’ll be sorry when I’m famous
Now I’m left to face this world with a grudge
From bi-polar effects of the drug called love
Track Name: PNW

I was born in the North Northwest
Blessed with a heart from the start cause the best
Three teachers a kid could hope to request
Helped give me wings when I flew out the nest
So the rest of humanity was woven in a tapestry
Sewn to my bones so the poems of this homegrown
Snotty nosed kid did what he could to give
A kiss of new life to those dying to live
There’s no denying it, a product of environment
Even if arguing and custody divided it
Ridin out the storm cause that’s how we do it
In the land of the rain where you gotta push through it
Never uprooted – you’re gonna get soaked
No matter what – you gotta make the most
One part nurture and one part nature
No question they were both my savior

No matter where I go
I’m coming on home, coming on home…

You can find me in the chorus and the drumbreaks
Lot of words comin out, aint none fake
We make reality that few come face
Cause when it’s clear you can feel how the sun taste
It aint all beauty the depressed grab
After all it’s the land of WAMU and meth labs
Angels with shattered wings addicted to the chest stab
Powder their nose to be cuties in their death cabs
On the way to a corner where broke sells
Out for a blue top and by the hour hotels
No bells for the laureate singing
Sad songs and serenades, no longer believing
The American Dream in a battle with demons
And proletariats working for their freedom
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this scene
It’s the ugly is beautiful – know what I mean?
Track Name: Summer
They say there's fewer sounds sweeter than the tone of children's laughter
It captures men's hearts - proof life ends happily ever after
And at eight years old, in the sunshine, a princess
Held access to the fairy tale to be her sole witness
Hop scotch on the block in the hot Chicago sun
Double Dutch, selling lemonade til the day was done
Summer's world shone bright, despite never knowing her biological
Parents that placed her in a dumpster near the hospital
Nurse Jones raised her right, and did all that was possible
For a woman of sixty-five that had her own life's obstacles
Provided all she could afford, "a Ford" pickup and a tenement
Clean clothes, food, medicine, all bought for Summer's betterment
Hesitant to let her out on the sidewalk alone
For fear of what was on the corner a few steps from home
But seasons change and it seems to have shown
She couldn't protect Summer when she was full grown

Summer breathed Winter in the chasms of her nose
Spring up for passing seconds, Fall down from an overdose

Sixteen, prom queen, pristine, stayed clean
Never mixing with the vagabonds that rolled with dope fiends
But the winds of autumn came, and like the colors that changed
Summer's interests, hobbies, and priorities re-arranged
Peer pressure never phased, but validation was a problem
In order to stay on top she had to go to the bottom
To compromising situations, giving body and soul
For the goal of keeping Nurse Jones warm in the cold
After six months of fighting, Miss Jones moved on
Took a deep breath, winked at Summer, closed her eyes, and was gone
And Summer tried to stay strong, stayed in school, fixed her focus
But unpaid bills culminated to an eviction notice
Now homeless and hopeless, wandered - darkness on the streets
Looking desperate for a job to get her back on her feet
But no one hired a 16-year old dropout with a halo
So she continued the march with the other broken-winged angels

Summer breathed Winter in the chasms of her nose
Spring up for passing seconds, Fall down from an overdose

Now Summer's slowly dying - see Summer's soul was trying
To break out of the bonds, become a sun again, shining
21, collapsed veins, powdered bloody nose, a shattered frame
The remnants of her memories keep her mildly sane
Summer's pastime was passin time by talking to herself
Amidst the heckles of the passers-by , her muffled cries for help
Fell onto deaf ears, out of the mouth of babes
Came the echoed only, lonely cries no one wanted to save
Though Summer's stomach showed no signs of having amniotic fluid
Third trimester rolled around, and through it all she was clueless
Until she woke up in the same hospital she was abandoned
Being told "Push" by doctor's and the voice in her head that demanded
She make it through to see the splinter in the dark
A new start, new purpose, new woman, same heart
And through her next 50 years of life, 'til her eventual death
There was never a sound sweeter than her child's first breath

And the Fall of Summer into Winter's darkest of days
Ended when Summer realized the Spring's sun-rays
Track Name: Fox News
Born with a silver spoon and a money made carriage
A youth sheltered from the truth till abandoned by his parents
Rupert Murdoch became a true Citizen Kane
Daddy's paper inherited, put all doubters to shame
Five decades, conglomerates, a network abomination
Print, television, film: a neat little package
Buy up all competition avoid excess baggage
The empire created, the next noble pursuit
Buy any willing politician with the excess loot
Now in Ronald Reagan’s pocket, pushing outwards from home
To Ariel Sharone and countless other leaders, to bone
The middle man, working class, told what to enjoy
What actions to pursue, what habits to employ
Behind the scenes , Fox News, the blueprint of a fiend
Eradicate free-thinking the American Dream

Chorus: (2x)
Fox News is sheltered up in an oil-funded palace
Drink the working class’ sweat from a gold-plated chalice
Oppress third-world countries through never-ending malice
Now you look in my eyes and tell me you’re Fair and you’re Balanced

Robert Ailes, big kahuna, set in charge of the news
To pursue, the 'Right' angle, every anchor white dudes
Or white women, dyed hair, no want in journalism
Plan to overthrow your minds with packaged patriotism
On the roster: Bill O'Reilly, nothing short of Satan's clone
Grabbing ankles for pigs, we're in the "No Spin Zone"
Alan Colmes: if he’s a liberal, Billy Graham is as well
And Sean Hannity’s his altar boy – it ain’t hard to tell
And what passes for news is simply propagandist sight
Home movies of George Bush with Entertainment Tonight
Breaking news around the clock on Michael Jackson’s arraignment
Flak stories, flagged coffins, call Brit Hume for containment
Fear mongering of terrorism, downplaying the war’s death
Kill 100,000 Iraqis - portraying we’re blessed
Well shit, you don’t say, the terror alert’s orange?
I’ll strap C4 to my chest - bomb Fox News with my boys

Chorus: (2x)
Fox News is sheltered up in an oil-funded palace
Drink the working class’ sweat from a gold-plated chalice
Oppress third-world countries through never-ending malice
Now you look in my eyes and tell me you’re Fair and you’re Balanced

Demoralizing free speech and free press at the hands
Of a company, that in the eighties, supported the Taliban
Is under way, hulking towards us, a towering behemoth
A juggernaut beyond the reach of our government, believe this
It IS the government now, the media’s taken over
No longer the 4th branch, choose what happens to our soldiers
And the world’s grown colder, spoon-fed lies to save
Face, and stay safe, and keep us knotted in our place
But it’s time to break the bonds, break away from artificial
Emancipate your mind, eliminate the superficial
Have a backbone, for Christ’s sake, this isn’t a dress rehearsal
It’s our lives, it’s all that’s given, repercussions universal
Ignorance is no excuse for accepting the actions
Enacted by a militia – representing crazed factions
The best start to the end of the finish line to succeed
Is to stand up, turn off the TV and read…read
Track Name: Sex ft. P Smoov
12 years old saw my first pair of boobs
And ever since knew what I was destined to do
Little I knew - the porn industry’s shady
Faked orgasms, women that could never have babies
And though my first kiss sucked
It was enough to pitch a tent and get my boxers in a bunch
And recess and lunch was the time to place trust
In your crush’s best friend, almost always got you crushed
Tough in high school, dudes were bustin girl’s hymens
I just sat back as a fool lovin rhymin
Girls became whores and guys became pimps
Even though those pricks had nothing over six inch dicks
And ignorance ran amuck as teacher’s backs turned
On girls that got fucked and disallowed them to learn
So in town they got stuck as their lives fires burned
And died into the night forced to watch the world turn

And sex is a beautiful, beautiful thing
Unless STD tests cloud up your dreams
And sex is a beautiful, beautiful thing
Lest we neglect repercussions that our actions may bring…

They say a girl’s first time helps determine her future
A guy’s first time makes him confident or neutered
Horror stories passed of getting off before getting on
And bustin inside only to find the condom gone
So there I was frozen, blood rushing out my head
Down to my other head at the site on my bed
Asking the little man in my pants to stay down
Which made it harder than a Catholic priest at a playground
I said to hell with it and got down to business
After two hours snowed more white stuff than Christmas
Didn’t tell my friends not to try to be modest
That girl was my friend, to me she was a goddess
And if anything happened I would fight to the death
To protect her right to choose to introduce another breath
Into the world, when it’s said that choice is the girl’s
Who’s a jewel more precious than diamonds or pearls

Chorus (2x)

The reason so many in our culture are perverse
Is cause we’re told from birth to be sexual’s a curse
Now we’re introverted extroverts in taboo trysts
I’m not an expert on sex, but I’ll still dispel the myths
Almost every dude adds 2 inches to his size
When he’s asked in public, he don’t want to hurt his pride
That’s the same reason guys go and pimp their rides
Cause they despise men that don’t compensate through lies
Society judges women’s sex they can’t hide
So implants abound, in an effort to disguise
What they’re told they have to be, like a Hollywood actress
But really women who you are naturally
Is more beautiful than anything molded by plastic
True to yourself’s the only thing you have to be
Guys are horny bastards, they’ll assume you want sex
If you flaunt your breasts, so mind how you’re dressed
Masturbations not a sin, kids your parents still make love
Because love’s the most potent of all of nature’s drugs
And parents, relax, you’re your kid’s right hand man
They love you as much as their right hand, man

Track Name: Stardust ft. P.O.S., Cas One, Grynch, Sarah Smalley
I can trace the blood in my veins to before night and day coexisted
Before the tectonic plates shifted
Before sticks and stones were used to break bones
Before the solar system coalesced to make home
All grown out the belly of a supernova’s womb
Father time raped Mother Earth cause we grew too soon
But as the rose in the concrete proves
There’s always enough room for hope to cocoon

And some days…some days…
I don’t know what to say…
We all fade away…to another place…
Watching the stars decay…

Ashes to ashes and dust to creation
The fall of Babylon to the birth of a nation
Same moon, same sun, same stars, same steps
Don’t matter the relation we’ve absorbed the same breaths
Ever since time commenced, our mind’s indents
Have the fingerprints of ghosts designing our sixth sense
We’re meant to achieve heights thought improbable
The limits we create perpetuate the obstacles
Impossible is nothing if we all decide
To realize potential that resides inside
Of these ethereal flames interwoven as one heart beating
Succeeding through seeing we’re the same being
Past skipped to present, future fades to past
As the hands of time rip the sand from the hourglass
Write these songs cause you’ve been a part of my heart
Ever since time did start
Track Name: Atefah
You were born in 88, never made it past your sweet 16
It seems dreams don't trickle down to peasants from queens
But please understand my habeebatee
Words can't communicate what you mean to me
Life aint supposed to be a misery and mystery
It sickens me to think that you'd be lost into history
Until I die we fly to infinity
I'll be sure the world knows…
When your mother died at five in a sudden car crash
Your life was divided in the little shards of glass
You tried to hide it but these scars will last
It's hard to grasp another star collapsed
Your dad looked for visions of your mom in his arm
When he should've been looking in your eyes all along
Not realizing dawn when the sunrise is gone
So I do my best to right wrongs in this song

Hassan came along as a glimmer of hope
When your grandparents treated you like a ghost
And a hermit turned butterfly when love bloomed
But you weren't allowed to date so it had to cocoon
Innocence stripped at the hands of Ali
Darabee when you tried to break free
Until I die, we fly to infinity
I'll be sure the world knows
If the moral police were really doing their job
They couldn’t have claimed to use Sharia Law
In the name of Allah, humanity and innocence
You were too jameelah in and out for imprisonment
1 secret kept, 3 years of abuse
1 prison sentence, 1 rope and 1 noose
1 hundred lashes for confessing the truth
1 little girl too pure for this world

I can see you in my mind's eye as you fly by
And I'd reverse time on Hahji Rezhi
If I could find how to rearrange the stars
Move space and time, break you out of your bars
Wipe the tears from your face, sew up your scars
Stop the whole human race in place for what they carved
Until I die, we fly to infinity
I'll be sure the world knows
Life is to be loved (and) love is to be lived
(And) You went to the light (and) you were just a kid
They do what they did cause they could see the spirit in ya
You stood up for yourself, you were life's taliba
Real woman fighting back when they tried to hide this
Voice for the oppressed in a world of laryngitis
Close your eyes with the knowledge you saved
A million other girls from an early grave

Atefah, you can now close your eyes
Spread your wings to the skies
Atefah, you didn’t die in vain
I'll get this to change
Track Name: Freedom
We say we want answers, but we don’t ask questions
Moving to depression and they call it a recession
Most important election of our lives til the next one
Fighting wars dyslexic with pre-emptive redrum
Kill half a mill Iraqis by shooting from Apaches
Just so our president can make his pappy happy
We were outraged at his first term
And elected him again so he could watch the world burn
What’ve we learned in the last eight years
With a media machine that plays on our fears
Controlled by mogul vandals so the channel is clear
And tell us that they’ve given us what we wanna hear
I can’t disagree. We eat it all up
Driven by the dollar and in god we trust
Gorge ourselves on gossip til our stomach goes bust
And we say it’s their fault, but that blame is our crutch
For what we don’t want to face. That in the mirror’s face
Is a part of the problem for the cradle coffin rat race
Leaving our affairs and equation in a sad state
The solution is simple, just add grace
To action and compassion to advancing this place
There’s not enough grains in the hourglass to waste
Still we point the finger, outraged at the crime rate
Then twiddle our thumbs and hit refresh on myspace.
What have we become? We’re numb to the pain
Of our sisters and brothers trying to maintain
Do we only care about the person in the frame
That’s hanging on the wall and count on others for change?
Instead of making change we put on Lil Wayne
And toss around more names for status than The Game
And complain the reason that America’s in chains
Is the main man in power who we’ve given the reigns
Socialized insurance by buying AIG
And won’t socialize healthcare though it’s the same thing
And the government bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Wouldn’t bail out Katrina’s houses cause they’re black
Claim racism is a thing of the past
That’s as true as denying economic gaps
And the math is 5% own 90% of it
And it happens cause 95% of us are letting it
So we ball up a fist and shake it at the heavens
And get pissed that history hasn’t taught us lessons
Instead of fixing what we can with our hands today
We write theme music for the world’s decay
Use em to change the channel from Darfur’s dead
To Dancing with the stars and Britney’s shaved head
Click the Numa Dance and right-click a blog
Like the window to this world’s what leads us to god
Maybe it’s an escape to help us get through
And I can’t be mad at you cause I do that all, too.
But there’s more than this – it aint what it seems
Can either face reality or float through a dream
And the truth aint pretty but it’s what we need
To see the beauty here less we’re living in a smoke screen
And they say sex sells, and I can’t deny this
Eight year old girls dress like Miley Cyrus
Who dresses like she’s 25 to reinforce the message
That breasts is what’s important and the rest is just sexless
Which seems to mean it’s worthless so we don’t see past the surface
To flaws and abnormalities which make the person perfect
If life is a play and we don’t get past the curtain
All that we’re doin is perpetually rehearsin.
And I’m hoping that a change gon’ come
But hope without action don’t save one
So before I’m done with this journey to freedom
Cliché it may be, change starts with me, son.
Track Name: Charlie
Froze. What do you say?
When you're told you've only got a couple months
Until today fades away, and tomorrow won't wait
And the fate we all face leaves no way to escape
Faith tested. But grace is what's left with one another
And that's the best gift to be blessed with
The end is taken care of, you can focus on the present
Live a life called to ac-tion manifest love as we all go pass-in
I went in for a physical
And didn't think too much of the ritual
And spring was taking over for winter
That's when I got the news about the tumor in my liver
Some things happen, no reason
And none of us know when we’re leavin
But I believe in this fragile vulnterability's
Responsible for giving us the beauty of freedom
I don't know the meaning of this journey
But part of me feels the joy is in the learning
And asking the questions and taking the steps
To work before rest, peace into love left and respect in breaths
A lot of life left, but it's time to move on
I've truly been blessed by every new dawn
The best testament to those who've gone
Is take their best message and add it to a new song

Lift your voice to the rafters
Make magic from the moment we capture
Leave beauty in the sweet hereafter
It goes and it goes it goes and it goes, on…

Smile. What can you do?
But give thanks and praise divine time that is
Given to you and make the most as it flies
Another day floats on by, life fully lived why when we learn to die
World imperfect, but that's not the final verdict
We can plant a seed and see it bloom if we work it
And even though we can't fix it all
We can move to improve, and change no matter how small
Is still change. It's still progress.
And sometimes it'll feel like nonsense
But chin up regardless, you're making a difference
And life is your witness.
I'm so humbled to be given
The chance to go in peace and serve everyone livin
Grateful for this life since beginnin
Even though it didn't go exactly as envisioned
The trial's all part of the magic
Can never be perfect, for we don't get practice
But we're all sewn together in this fabric
Cut from the same cloth, infinity spanned it
And my life was a stitch on the whole
And even though I know it's my time to let go
It's about us, not me
Your love set this song...free...
Track Name: Ambition
All he ever wanted was a little bit of happiness
He thought it came from the game played on mattresses
The fame gained from the record alchemists
And the life lessons earned to learn what true magic is
Still about a mil from framed records
So that’s enough for him to reframe perspectives
On what the true definition for success is
Looks to the rest like this how the best live
So the stress is getting heavy
Eye on the storm in the fifth ward’s levy
Children in Uganda in wars turn deadly
He feels guilty for every single ending
That aint fairy tale, which is almost every spawn
That’s in this world, including those gone
Does what he can, not enough to write wrongs
So he sits down and writes these songs (come on)
Back to the lab again, to the pad and pen
Do the math and subtract off the has from been
Cause he’s yet to be, so aint past tense
Glad since last breath means the dreams cast went
Back out the grasp of the ambitious starfighter
Reachin through the fire while he’s preachin to the choir
On a quest to fight desire place the next behind, see
The path draw backward til the shadow’s blinding
But he just wanna flow like him
Rock a show packed to the door like them
Wonder why he hasn’t even though he spend
Half his life sitting in the waiting room, then
It’s time to wake up, but hard when envy
Keep him in its vice grip, trying for the ending
Worried that he might slip down every rung
Of the ladder that we climb before the journey run’s done
Breath, step, right, left
Nose to the grind and shoulder to the wheel
Diggin in the heels on the slippery slope
Acrobat avoid tying noose from the tight rope

Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine to burn what he despise
Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine…scribe sunshine…

He’s only livin cause he wants to make it better
And the mission he envisions could make him live forever
It’s now or never whether he wants to believe it
He’s succeeded if the world’s a little better when he leaves it
Twenty-four years from the fetus to the present
He aint ever spoke a word unless he really meant it
Never had a fear of being copacetic
Life on the fly, no time for an edit
Never let it take away his 20/10 vision
Livin with a plan no blind ambition
Decisions made riskin his ability for wishin
If he never catch a break he’ll still go fishin
Opportunity’s no door to door salesman
If it never knocks he won’t let that fail him
Sailin on the winds of change cause that’s the only constant
That remains, he aint pick his only option

Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine to burn what he despise
Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine…scribe sunshine…

All he ever wanted was a princess to live with
He looked for it in the eyes of a mistress
Love to lust in the quest for a quick fix
Walk around town like he thinks he’s mister big shit
He aint got enough left to give this
Revolution power so he holds up a split fist
One supports and one’s on the wish list
That he hopes turn reality before his feet stick
(Up) through the earthworms and the rose blooms
He aint found how the butterfly cocoons
When everything’s got a spot in the waiting room
Consumed by his shadow in the light of the moon
So he tries to leave it all when it’s high noon
And free from the bandits on horizons that loom
Before he knows he’ll be in his tomb
Riding out of Dodge cause there ain’t enough room
Track Name: Life
This is our lifetime and there’s no time to fake it
Take it back when it’s been stripped away, it’s up to us to make it
Don’t mistake that as permission to degrade
Other people cause humanity is really at stake
This is not a dress rehearsal - no promise of the pearly gates
Spend each minute livin – you can rest at your wake
If sleep is the cousin of death, life’s brother is awake
Every second that a new dawn breaks
We arrive into this world eyes open wide
They must stay so to let the beauty pour inside
The window to your soul as a single pane frame
Light works both ways, we all play the game
The reason that we’re here, sacrifices made
The legends of the past on the sphere paved the way
Today is all that’s promised and it’s never coming back
The future’s enigmatic, it stays like that
We can either stay trapped or acknowledge the fact
That death’s breathing down our back like a hypo in hazmat
Flashback days, you danced in the sun’s rays
Child with a shoulder turned to the nay-says
Dreams are beacons for a head in the clouds
Knowledge of arrival keeps the feet on the ground
Stand proud amongst doubts, return to your essence
Your clear-headed fearlessness, pre-adolescence

Strange as it seems, sometimes it seems life is all just a dream
Strange as it seems, sometimes it seems life is all just a dream
Strange as it seems, sometimes it seems life is all just a dream
And if it is I’ll sleep forever in the beauty that it brings

And every second that elapse on this eventual path
Is a chance to grasp at eternal presence that lasts
To freeze sand in the glass in the moments that pass
And kick death in the ass, keep the future from the past
Everything you’ve wanted in this journey will be yours
Cause everything you’ve needed’s right there on the course
And the destination’s here, have zero remorse
If opportunity went knockin on heaven’s doors
…and remember to breathe
As mechanics leap quantumly at light speed
Life needs nothing more than to understand lessons
Don’t have answers - rhetorical questions
Meaning that you find is what you decide
To echo on through eternity what you leave behind
This design’s not immaculate, but discover you
Are no less cosmic than the stars or the moon
Now’s the only moment in the process promised
To hell with burning out – shine bright like a comet
And understand that the voyage can be cold
And in the end you’ll leave how you came in, alone
And nothing’s ever gone, nothing disappears
They just attain a new definition of “here”
There’s no need for fear, the finish don’t exist
As lips breathe life when the sky’s bliss is kissed