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From Good Side of Bad: Vol. 1, released 2008.


Lost in a haze of sunshine and rainbows
Clear blue skies in the arms of this angel
I thought love was a myth found in fantasy
And since I had no armor that no princess would dance with me
But well, well, what little I knew
And every cliché I ever heard was true
See I grew up a cynic thinking that love would pass me over
The weight on my shoulders gone the instant that I held your
Hand inside mine, if I died I’d go smilin
I’ll be god damned, I’m no longer an island
The only place I’m hidin’s down below your equator
The tropic of this Capricorn, hell I live to make your
Legs buckle and shake no matter what it takes
The song that you make’s beautiful when not fake
You saved this troubadour from checkin out of the show
And made me feel like a person, just thought you should know
That when I looked into your eyes I could see the sunrise
Every doubt I’ve ever had moved aside and died
Life gets a new purpose when someone else believes
In the dreams I pursued, no one saw but me
Seems heaven and enlightenment merged together
Proved forever, whatever the weather
I’d never worry anymore cause that’s what love do
Some dudes won’t say it, you should know that I loved you

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
But fuck that. Distance makes lies and disguises start to foster
Distance makes the eyes of young minds wander
Whatever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger
I gotta know – was he more man than me?
Did he love as good as me? I find that hard to believe
I’ll knock him out flat if that’s what you need
To see you missed out on a king soon to be
Now a spade is a spade and a bitch is a bitch
And who you think will save in the end digs your ditch
I must admit Cupid must be a Sadist
Cause that son of an Anne Coulter must have made this
Whole thing a game, we’re all meant to lose
His arrows hurt a lot worse when they’re removed
I opened up too much, maybe that’s the problem
Lost loves are like assholes, we’ve all got one
God must’ve run plum out of ideas
He decided to bring you up from Hell to a fetus
I don’t really mean this, or maybe I do
Nah, I don’t cause I don’t got a thing to prove to you
Who the hell you think you are leavin scars on this makeshift
Shadow of a man – you’ll be sorry when I’m famous
Now I’m left to face this world with a grudge
From bi-polar effects of the drug called love


from Handpicked, released May 1, 2011
Produced by Kendos.



all rights reserved


Alexipharmic Fort Collins, Colorado

Alexipharmic no longer exists. He makes music under the name Bodi. But here's his old bio:

Born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, before moving to Los Angeles, Alexipharmic immersed himself in the world of hip hop via YO! MTV Raps and cassettes of 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie, before picking up the pen at 13 and working to forge his own path. That journey has led him around the US multiple times.
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