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From American Beauty, Released 2009.


This is our lifetime and there’s no time to fake it
Take it back when it’s been stripped away, it’s up to us to make it
Don’t mistake that as permission to degrade
Other people cause humanity is really at stake
This is not a dress rehearsal - no promise of the pearly gates
Spend each minute livin – you can rest at your wake
If sleep is the cousin of death, life’s brother is awake
Every second that a new dawn breaks
We arrive into this world eyes open wide
They must stay so to let the beauty pour inside
The window to your soul as a single pane frame
Light works both ways, we all play the game
The reason that we’re here, sacrifices made
The legends of the past on the sphere paved the way
Today is all that’s promised and it’s never coming back
The future’s enigmatic, it stays like that
We can either stay trapped or acknowledge the fact
That death’s breathing down our back like a hypo in hazmat
Flashback days, you danced in the sun’s rays
Child with a shoulder turned to the nay-says
Dreams are beacons for a head in the clouds
Knowledge of arrival keeps the feet on the ground
Stand proud amongst doubts, return to your essence
Your clear-headed fearlessness, pre-adolescence

Strange as it seems, sometimes it seems life is all just a dream
Strange as it seems, sometimes it seems life is all just a dream
Strange as it seems, sometimes it seems life is all just a dream
And if it is I’ll sleep forever in the beauty that it brings

And every second that elapse on this eventual path
Is a chance to grasp at eternal presence that lasts
To freeze sand in the glass in the moments that pass
And kick death in the ass, keep the future from the past
Everything you’ve wanted in this journey will be yours
Cause everything you’ve needed’s right there on the course
And the destination’s here, have zero remorse
If opportunity went knockin on heaven’s doors
…and remember to breathe
As mechanics leap quantumly at light speed
Life needs nothing more than to understand lessons
Don’t have answers - rhetorical questions
Meaning that you find is what you decide
To echo on through eternity what you leave behind
This design’s not immaculate, but discover you
Are no less cosmic than the stars or the moon
Now’s the only moment in the process promised
To hell with burning out – shine bright like a comet
And understand that the voyage can be cold
And in the end you’ll leave how you came in, alone
And nothing’s ever gone, nothing disappears
They just attain a new definition of “here”
There’s no need for fear, the finish don’t exist
As lips breathe life when the sky’s bliss is kissed



from Handpicked, released May 1, 2011
Produced by MGI.
Additional vocals by P Smoov.



all rights reserved


Alexipharmic Fort Collins, Colorado

Alexipharmic no longer exists. He makes music under the name Bodi. But here's his old bio:

Born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, before moving to Los Angeles, Alexipharmic immersed himself in the world of hip hop via YO! MTV Raps and cassettes of 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie, before picking up the pen at 13 and working to forge his own path. That journey has led him around the US multiple times.
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