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From Good Side of Bad: Vol. 2, Released 2008


We say we want answers, but we don’t ask questions
Moving to depression and they call it a recession
Most important election of our lives til the next one
Fighting wars dyslexic with pre-emptive redrum
Kill half a mill Iraqis by shooting from Apaches
Just so our president can make his pappy happy
We were outraged at his first term
And elected him again so he could watch the world burn
What’ve we learned in the last eight years
With a media machine that plays on our fears
Controlled by mogul vandals so the channel is clear
And tell us that they’ve given us what we wanna hear
I can’t disagree. We eat it all up
Driven by the dollar and in god we trust
Gorge ourselves on gossip til our stomach goes bust
And we say it’s their fault, but that blame is our crutch
For what we don’t want to face. That in the mirror’s face
Is a part of the problem for the cradle coffin rat race
Leaving our affairs and equation in a sad state
The solution is simple, just add grace
To action and compassion to advancing this place
There’s not enough grains in the hourglass to waste
Still we point the finger, outraged at the crime rate
Then twiddle our thumbs and hit refresh on myspace.
What have we become? We’re numb to the pain
Of our sisters and brothers trying to maintain
Do we only care about the person in the frame
That’s hanging on the wall and count on others for change?
Instead of making change we put on Lil Wayne
And toss around more names for status than The Game
And complain the reason that America’s in chains
Is the main man in power who we’ve given the reigns
Socialized insurance by buying AIG
And won’t socialize healthcare though it’s the same thing
And the government bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Wouldn’t bail out Katrina’s houses cause they’re black
Claim racism is a thing of the past
That’s as true as denying economic gaps
And the math is 5% own 90% of it
And it happens cause 95% of us are letting it
So we ball up a fist and shake it at the heavens
And get pissed that history hasn’t taught us lessons
Instead of fixing what we can with our hands today
We write theme music for the world’s decay
Use em to change the channel from Darfur’s dead
To Dancing with the stars and Britney’s shaved head
Click the Numa Dance and right-click a blog
Like the window to this world’s what leads us to god
Maybe it’s an escape to help us get through
And I can’t be mad at you cause I do that all, too.
But there’s more than this – it aint what it seems
Can either face reality or float through a dream
And the truth aint pretty but it’s what we need
To see the beauty here less we’re living in a smoke screen
And they say sex sells, and I can’t deny this
Eight year old girls dress like Miley Cyrus
Who dresses like she’s 25 to reinforce the message
That breasts is what’s important and the rest is just sexless
Which seems to mean it’s worthless so we don’t see past the surface
To flaws and abnormalities which make the person perfect
If life is a play and we don’t get past the curtain
All that we’re doin is perpetually rehearsin.
And I’m hoping that a change gon’ come
But hope without action don’t save one
So before I’m done with this journey to freedom
Cliché it may be, change starts with me, son.


from Handpicked, released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Alexipharmic Fort Collins, Colorado

Alexipharmic no longer exists. He makes music under the name Bodi. But here's his old bio:

Born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, before moving to Los Angeles, Alexipharmic immersed himself in the world of hip hop via YO! MTV Raps and cassettes of 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie, before picking up the pen at 13 and working to forge his own path. That journey has led him around the US multiple times.
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