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From Good Side of Bad: Vol. 3, Released 2010


All he ever wanted was a little bit of happiness
He thought it came from the game played on mattresses
The fame gained from the record alchemists
And the life lessons earned to learn what true magic is
Still about a mil from framed records
So that’s enough for him to reframe perspectives
On what the true definition for success is
Looks to the rest like this how the best live
So the stress is getting heavy
Eye on the storm in the fifth ward’s levy
Children in Uganda in wars turn deadly
He feels guilty for every single ending
That aint fairy tale, which is almost every spawn
That’s in this world, including those gone
Does what he can, not enough to write wrongs
So he sits down and writes these songs (come on)
Back to the lab again, to the pad and pen
Do the math and subtract off the has from been
Cause he’s yet to be, so aint past tense
Glad since last breath means the dreams cast went
Back out the grasp of the ambitious starfighter
Reachin through the fire while he’s preachin to the choir
On a quest to fight desire place the next behind, see
The path draw backward til the shadow’s blinding
But he just wanna flow like him
Rock a show packed to the door like them
Wonder why he hasn’t even though he spend
Half his life sitting in the waiting room, then
It’s time to wake up, but hard when envy
Keep him in its vice grip, trying for the ending
Worried that he might slip down every rung
Of the ladder that we climb before the journey run’s done
Breath, step, right, left
Nose to the grind and shoulder to the wheel
Diggin in the heels on the slippery slope
Acrobat avoid tying noose from the tight rope

Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine to burn what he despise
Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine…scribe sunshine…

He’s only livin cause he wants to make it better
And the mission he envisions could make him live forever
It’s now or never whether he wants to believe it
He’s succeeded if the world’s a little better when he leaves it
Twenty-four years from the fetus to the present
He aint ever spoke a word unless he really meant it
Never had a fear of being copacetic
Life on the fly, no time for an edit
Never let it take away his 20/10 vision
Livin with a plan no blind ambition
Decisions made riskin his ability for wishin
If he never catch a break he’ll still go fishin
Opportunity’s no door to door salesman
If it never knocks he won’t let that fail him
Sailin on the winds of change cause that’s the only constant
That remains, he aint pick his only option

Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine to burn what he despise
Eyes on the prize to find blue skies
And scribe sunshine…scribe sunshine…

All he ever wanted was a princess to live with
He looked for it in the eyes of a mistress
Love to lust in the quest for a quick fix
Walk around town like he thinks he’s mister big shit
He aint got enough left to give this
Revolution power so he holds up a split fist
One supports and one’s on the wish list
That he hopes turn reality before his feet stick
(Up) through the earthworms and the rose blooms
He aint found how the butterfly cocoons
When everything’s got a spot in the waiting room
Consumed by his shadow in the light of the moon
So he tries to leave it all when it’s high noon
And free from the bandits on horizons that loom
Before he knows he’ll be in his tomb
Riding out of Dodge cause there ain’t enough room


from Handpicked, released May 1, 2011
Produced by DJ Figure



all rights reserved


Alexipharmic Fort Collins, Colorado

Alexipharmic no longer exists. He makes music under the name Bodi. But here's his old bio:

Born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, before moving to Los Angeles, Alexipharmic immersed himself in the world of hip hop via YO! MTV Raps and cassettes of 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie, before picking up the pen at 13 and working to forge his own path. That journey has led him around the US multiple times.
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